Keep track of MOM Datawarehouse DTS jobs duration

We’re still running a large MOM 2005 environment and sometimes we did run into situations where the DTS jobs took too long to complete. This led to various problems including data not being ready for scheduled reports, collision with database maintenance jobs or failure of subsequent DTS jobs (yes – we do have SCRM 2006 installed).

MOM does alert if these jobs fail but there’s no convenient way of telling how long they took.

So I put together a little management pack consisting of:

  • A timed event rule that writes a performance counters based on DTS job duration
  • The same rule optionally writes alerts if the job took too long
  • A report about the DTS job duration

Download MOM Datawarehouse MP (change the extension after downloading)

The management pack works well with our SCRM 2006 installation where we have a total of three DTS jobs running every night. Here’s an example of how the MOM GUI and reports look like:

MOM Operator View  MOM Report


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