HP ProLiant Blade Enclosure Management Pack for OpsMgr 2007

Update (Mar 12th, 2008)

While I was posting this, HP has released a totally new set of management packs  for ProLiant and BladeSystem. You can get them from here:

HP ProLiant Server MP V1.1

  • HewlettPackard.Servers.Library.mp ( – unchanged
  • HewlettPackard.Servers.ProLiant.mp ( – unchanged
  • HewlettPackard.Servers.ProLiant.SNMP.mp ( – updated

HP BladeSystem MP V1.6.20

  • HewlettPackard.Servers.BladeSystem.mp ( – new

The latter is much more feature rich than my simple approach. So I am retyring it.


Moving onward we are installing more of our servers as blade systems. This saves rack space and brings down power consumption but introduces a new single point of failure. All blades (servers) are dependant on their enclosure. So here is a simple management pack, that alerts if the hardware condition of a Hewlett-Packard ProLiant Blade enclosure changes to degraded. The management pack defines a SNMP MIB probe, which polls the ‘Compaq Rack Info MIB’. Whatever hardware condition exists, a generic alert message will be created. Upon receiving them it is recommended to log onto the enclosure’s management interface to determine the cause of the alert (fan, temperature or the like).

Note that this management pack does not deal the the blades themselves. The free HP Server management pack takes care of them very well. My management pack is solely about the enclosure.

Download HP Blade Enclosure Management Pack Guide

Download HP Blade Enclosure Management Pack (sealed) (rename after downloading – it is a zip file)


Just import the management packs and discover your enclosures as network devices, using OpsMgr’s discovery wizard. If your enclosures have multiple management interfaces, consider discovering only one of them or disabling the monitor of this management pack for all but one. This will avoid receiving double alerts upon a hardware issue.


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