Scheduled Task MP Update (V

August 12, 2014 – link to latest update:…pack-1-2-0-500/


Last updated February 16, 2009

This post is no longer up to date. Please follow this link to the Task Scheduler Management Pack for Windows Server 2003 and 2008 post, where the most recent release of the management pack is available for download.



I corrected a bug in the Scheduled Task management pack. The current version is It can be downloaded it from here: Original Post

Thanks to Pavel Rybakov for making me aware of the problem. Also to Mark Romano for suggesting adding enable/disable tasks.


  • Added tasks to enable/disable scheduled tasks
  • If the last scheduled task was removed from a server, the management pack failed to remove it from OpsMgr’s repository as well
  • Added a state view
  • Minor documentation updates

2 thoughts on “Scheduled Task MP Update (V

  1. Is there a possibility to add a task called Disable Scheduled Task like the run or end tasks that will actually run the following:

    /Change /DISABLE /tn “$Target/Property[Type=”Custom.Windows.ScheduledTask”]/TaskName$”

    I tried to create a task in my own custom MP but it is making me define the task in this way. Possibly due to the sealed management pack.
    /Change /DISABLE /tn “$Target/Property[Type=”CustomWindowsScheduledTaskMonitoring10145!Custom.Windows.ScheduledTask”]/TaskName$”

    but then I get an error that states that it can’t find that scheduled task when I try to run it against one of my agents.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I have updated the MP (V to include both an ‘Enable’ and ‘Disable’ task. Please refer to the documentation for some remarks regarding their usage.

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