Untrusted AD integration – Suppress misleading RunAs Alerts

When using OpsMgr’s Active Directory integration for remote (untrusted) domains, you will receive alerts by two monitors, complaining that the RunAs accounts used for the remote domain integration were not correctly configured. The monitors are defined in Microsoft.SystemCenter.2007 MP:

  •   RunAs Account Monitoring Check
  •   RunAs Successful Logon Check                                             

This is actually expected since the Root Management Server can not log on in its local domain using the remote user. In order to suppress these alerts you could disable the monitors (in the context of the RMS), using overrides. The downside of this is that you would miss out on any other locally defined RunAs accounts’ failures.

I chose an alternate approach by disabling the original monitors and replacing them with new ones, which allow filtering on the RunAs user account’s name.  The replacement monitors are:

  • RunAs Successful Logon Check (Replaced)
  • RunAs Account Monitoring Check (Replaced)

In order to reuse these two in your own environment, edit above monitors and replace the account names in the unhealthy event expression (FirstExpression) with the account names you would like to exclude from the RMS monitors. Should one of your RunAs accounts in the untrusted domains become invalid, you will receive other alerts from the AD writer.

Download link for a sample MP containing the RunAs overrides and monitors:
Custom.AD.Integration.Untrusted.RunASMonitorsExtension.xml MP V (rename after downloading – it is a zip file)


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