Windows Scheduled Tasks Management Pack now does Windows Server 2008

August 12, 2014 – link to latest update:…pack-1-2-0-500/

Some people asked if I could update the Scheduled Task Management Pack for Windows Server 2008. So here it is: Scheduled Task Management Pack now does W2K8 .

Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler 2.0 brings some exciting new features. From the MP author’s point of view the most significant are:

  • Full support for scripting: msdn reference
  • Very detailed event logging

So for Windows Server 2008 the MP does no longer have to parse the output of a command which makes it much more reliable. And since I was at it, I attempted to make the MPs less power consuming on the agents and the management servers. So I highly recommend upgrading should you still be using an older version.

Task Scheduler 2.0 Health Explorer

Thanks everyone who provided valuable feedback during the testing phase.


2 thoughts on “Windows Scheduled Tasks Management Pack now does Windows Server 2008

  1. Hi,
    Just a quck question. Amongst 40 or so scheduled tasks being monitored, 2 are giving a WARNING state. How do we troubleshoot what is giving this state? The actual scheduled tasks seem to be OK to us.
    Running Health Explorer gives a warning beside Last Result Successful Monitor. I am guessing that the Desired Return Code for success is NOT 0, and needs changing, but to what??
    John Bradshaw

    • Hi John

      If those two tasks indeed successfully end with a return code other than 0 you can define an override against the
      monitor in the context of these two scheduled tasks.

      In SCOMs Monitoring pane, open up ‘Microsoft Windows Server’, then ‘Scheduled Task’ and open the Scheduled Task State
      view. For the two tasks in warning state you should see the last result code. Alternatively check on the affected
      servers in the scheduled task folder.

      Then in health explorer: open the properties of the warning monitor (Last Result) and go to the override tab. Click
      Override –> For the object. Tick the DesiredReturnCode and set the regular expression value as needed. Whenever possible do not save
      overrides to the Default management pack. Rather create a new one. Then repeat the process for the other task. The two
      monitors should then return to green within 15 minutes or so.

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