SCOM 2007 Web Console and Reporting Server Scale-Out Deployment

Scaling-out Operations Manager Web Interfaces

Currently there are several documented ways to install Operations Manager 2007 to fulfill the needs of a high availability environment. Clustering Root Management Server and databases and configuring agent fail-over are options covered in the product documentation.

However; there was no description about how to deploy the product’s web interfaces in a load-balanced web farm. So I wrote a guide which fills the gap by guiding through the configuration of the Web Console and the Reporting Manager web interfaces as a network load balanced web server farm. This is commonly referred to as a scale-out deployment.

When combining the traditional methods of clustering and fail-over with running Operations Manager’s web interfaces in a server farm, a redundancy throughout all components of the product’s infrastructure is achieved.

The document Scale-out deployment of Operations Manager 2007 web interfaces is available for download at the System Center Forum site.

Fully redundant and scaled-out Operations Manager set up

2 thoughts on “SCOM 2007 Web Console and Reporting Server Scale-Out Deployment

    • Scaling out the reporting servers indeed is not supported by Microsoft. I did mention this in the instructions.

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