Community written Multi-Host Ping Management Pack V3


Over the last few weeks the Multi-Host Ping Management Pack developed as a joint work by the System Center Community has seen a major update from version 2.0 to 3.0. The new Management Pack is class based and represents the health of each Ping Target (address being pinged)  as seen by one or more Ping Watchers (agent issuing the ping).

Great care has been taken to increase the scalability and keep the performance impact on the Ping Watchers low. Other than the discovery process, all datasources rely on native Operations Manager modules instead of VBScripts. Furthermore all monitors and rules of the management pack incorporate ‘cookdown’ resulting in just a single ICMP ping per cycle for all circuits.

Multi-Host Ping Scrren Shot

Neale Brown, Jaime Correia, Pete Zerger any myself have teamed up to write the management pack, documentation and test the solution. A great experience.


The sealed Management Pack and the documentation can be downloaded from the System Center Forum: Download Multi-Host Ping 3.0 Management Pack
Be sure to study the documentation before you implement the Management Pack as there is some required configuration work to be performed.


2 thoughts on “Community written Multi-Host Ping Management Pack V3

  1. I like the multi-host Ping MP. We need to send a sms message from the alerts and the alert name is too long. Any way to change that?

    • Hi Mike
      Actually that roll up monitor shouldn’t been generating alerts out of the box – unless you’d have defined an override asking it to do so. If so then the alert name will be generic and the description empty as the original roll up monitor does not contain an AlertSetting.
      If you’d like to enable alerting by the rollup instead of the availability monitor ‘Ping Target Status Check (WMI)’, I suggest you do the following:
      – Disable alert creation by the monitor ‘Ping Target Status Check (WMI)’ using an override
      – Disable the health roll up monitor ‘Ping Watcher Availability Rollup’ using an override
      – Create a new monitor with the same definitions as ‘Ping Watcher Availability Rollup’ but adding an ‘AlertSetting’ configuration of your choice.
      This will replace the original roll up monitor with one that meets your needs.

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