Windows Scheduled Task MP now supports localized OS

Having thought about enabling the Scheduled Task Management Pack for non English operating system versions for some time, I finally found the time to update it. The new release (Version works with the following OS languages:

OS Languages Remarks
Windows Server 2008 any .
Windows Server 2003 English,
discovery will not work on other languages


The update is available here: Scheduled Task Management Pack understands 7 languages.

The reason why only 7 languages are currently supported on Server 2003 is that in order to discover and manage the tasks, the output of the ‘schtasks.exe’ command needs to be parsed. That output unfortunately varies between different languages. I decided to include support for those languages I have at least a basic knowledge of (very basic for 3 of them). If you need other languages to be added let me know.

Like a little language quiz? Here’s what Scheduled Tasks are called on other OS languages. Can you tell which expression is in what language?

tareas programadas / geplande taken / operazione pianificata / tâche planifiée  / tarefas agendadas / geplante Tasks

On Windows Server 2008 parsing ‘schtasks.exe’ is not required as Microsoft has included COM object with the OS that allows managing the tasks using scripts and that is language independent.

Many thanks to Romain Girot who’s helped a lot by testing the localization support accurately and patiently.