Updates to Management Packs

It has been quiet on this blog for a long time. With the community efforts luckily having rapidly picked up grounds, there is much less newly discovered to write about. As I rather not repost knowledge found by other folks, I haven’t had much to place up here lately.

However; I do greatly appreciate feedback, especially on my published Management Packs. Knowing what needs and headaches other OpsMgr users have, gives me a chance to improve the packs. So there are updates for the following MPs:

Adobe Flash Media Server

Version works with FMS 3.5 and OpsMgr 2007 R2. Download from this blog.

PKI Certificate Validation

Version allows improved customization of monitoring frequencies and now contains an example MP that shows how additional certificate stores may be discovered. Download from SystemCenterCentral.com.

Untrusted Active Directory Domain Discovery

Version of that extension Management Pack is compatible with the current product MP 6.0.7065.0. Download from this blog.


2 thoughts on “Updates to Management Packs

  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the PKI MP but the download functions of system center central seems down.

    Could you send it to me directly by mail or else ?

    Thanks in advance.


    • JD
      I just checked the download on the SCC site. It does work but make sure you are registered (registration is free). Before the download starts you’ll also have to accept ‘terms of use’. On my IE8 I needed to scroll back up to the top of the page in order to see that box… A bit confusing.
      Let me know if you’re still haveing trouble downloading the pack; I’ll certainly be able to send it to you via email.


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