SQL Server DB Mirroring MP Update

When I published the original release of the SQL Server DB Mirroring Management Pack, I promised that I would provide support for SQL Server 2005 if demand justified the effort. I am almost certain that you have an idea of what follows now: The latest version of the MP does support mirrored databases on SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

All improvements over the first release include:

  • SQL Server 2005 database mirror supported
  • tested compatibility with SQL MP 6.1.314.36 (SQL 2008 R2 support)
  • timing improvements in script workflows
  • allow mirror group display name to be configured via Desired Configuration XML file
  • fix alert parameter replacement failures seen occasionally after initial discovery
  • an override pack to make discovery faster in non production environments only

Before importing this management pack I strongly encourage you to carefully read the guide contained in the download. Some features will only work when all prerequisites have been met!

Get the SQL Server DB Mirroring MP from SystemCenterCentral.com (Version


This update wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Dirk Decher who has kindly provided an extended testing environment and taken the time to share his ideas around DB mirroring monitoring with me. And last but not least: I was thrilled to learn that this MP has won the gold medal at the System Center Influencers Program Management Pack Extension Contest 2010. Some of you guys know how much effort goes into writing an MP. A reward like that makes up for some of those many late and wee hours spent tracking down that XPath failure. Do check out the other participant’s entries as well. Some true gems are amongst them.